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Here’s the low down on our leadership and areas of ministries here at the Rock Church:

Ian & Hannah Evans, Senior Pastors

Ian Evans alongside his wife Hannah, are the Senior Pastors of the Church. They spent several years as assistant- and youth-pastors at churches across the country, before running their own construction and property business. They now have five children: Samuel, Grace, Isaac, and twins Faith & Hope.

Andy & Lynda James, Leadership Team

Andy was involved in a large Christian charity for over 20 years, travelling internationally with Lynda and seeing great things for God’s kingdom first hand.

Ministries, Departments, & Teams

Rock life is expressed through general areas of Ministry, which then form different Departments and in turn Teams, to help all areas of Church life flourish.

  • Ian & Hannah Evans

    Ian & Hannah Evans

  • Andy & Lynda James

    Andy & Lynda James

  • "The Rock Church is a good place for families to come and receive from the Lord."

    For my wife and I it is important that our son has integrated well in to the Church and looks forward to coming every week.

    imageLoxley English
  • "I am changed..."

    ...and I am changing!

    imageJosephine Buntin
  • "Myself and my family have grown spiritually in the last year"

    We started coming to the Rock Church when we first moved to Birmingham and have now moved into Walsall to be with our Church family. Thanks God for growing and blessing our whole family!

    imageRosario Bennett
  • "There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the Rock Church"

    Since attending I have experienced good fellowship and growth in my walk with the Lord.

    imageLorna Campbell
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