Here at The Rock Church we communicate our compliance procedures into an acronym called RUSTI, which includes Health & Safety issues, and is for both properties and people. Here is a quick video to explain this:

So whatever activity and event is carried out through The Rock Church, these are the 5 steps to consider. This includes those directly involved in The Rock Church or indirectly through connected activities and users of the Rock Centre (click on each title below to find out more on each aspect):

1. Risk Assessments. A summary of the kind of issues to be aware of and what actions to take in order to reduce the likelihood and effect of any harm to people.

2. Updates. The various ways of communicating important information both on and off-line.

3. Summaries. A concise way to summarise how each activity and event goes.

4. Training. Initial and ongoing on-the-job training with individuals. 

5. Information. Various information and procedures to inform people.

These 5 aspects to RUSTI all come together in different scenarios that people are involved with. So whatever activity, event and use there is, we will help present the right scenario to you to easily go through carefully-selected RUSTI arrangements for you.

What is RUSTI?

rock church rusti logoClick here to find out about RUSTI, The Rock Church's compliance procedures


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