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Hi, welcome to The Rock Church's website. We are a Christian Church based in Walsall Birmingham England designed for people of all ages. Have a look around our site, if you need any help please feel free to call or e-mail us. We'd love to see you at one of our gatherings - Click Here for information on our Sunday services - everyone is welcome!

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I'm now different

While being at The Rock Church the Lord has showed me that the last vestiges of fear which I had been grasping onto are holding me back from realising my full potential in Christ. I finally understand what has happened to me after Lord Jesus gave me an insight into His Love. Speaking from a personal perspective the old matt was cowardly, full of worry, he lacked confidence, and self esteem. He feared ridicule and confrontation, to the point where if he made a statement that afterwards someone disagreed with, he would change his opinion to bring himself in line with the other party! This is no way for anyone to live, and God saw some potential in me that He wanted for his kingdom so he sought me out. Before my salvation I would often seek out ways to alter my perception. This I usually achieved through consumption of drink and drugs. I did not like the person I was so I would seek an escape from that person as often as I could. I am now the complete opposite of the person I was, though to be honest I still enjoy a few beers every now and then, but the difference there is that it is just every now and then, whereas before my salvation I was drunk more than I was sober! When the Spirit is upon me the feeling is beyond comparison to any artificial high I used to partake in. When I am in touch with the spirit I experience such joy that I cannot help but laugh, I feel warm as if I were under a nice thick duvet on a cold winter’s night, my brain begins to fire on all cylinders instead of just one, and I become overwhelmed with excitement. I truly thank God for doing this change in me, and how being part of His family at The Rock Church has helped with this. Praise God!

Matt Beddows

Now connecting with God

Before we came to The Rock Church we were attending church weekly; however we were not connecting with God. Whilst attending The Rock Church God has opened our eyes to see how compromised our lives had become. He also showed us just how important Jesus’ sacrifice was, and because of this God has set us free!

Matt and Kerry Hanson

bunch of heavy metal people?

I used to go to The Rock Church when it used to be the Evangelical many moons ago. I was about 4 years old and did the Sunday School all the way through till I was about 18 years old when I was invited to the Sunday Night Service. Wow! I was born again right after the service when I got home. I had run away for far too long. Giving my heart and life to the Lord was the best thing ever and continued for a very long time until I allowed life to get in the way and I let myself slip and do things my way. 28 years or so later circumstances led me back to the Beechdale and back to the church but it is now named The Rock Church. I was very dubious at first going in as I thought it may have been taken over by heavy metal lovers. I am pleased to say that I was wrong and that the Rock Family are pretty normal – they need to be really or I would be off like a rocket. God is still moving powerfully in my life and it is looking pretty good from where I am seated…(heavenly places) – no less!

Tracey Ball

You've got to see it

It’s funny how it all worked out coming to The Rock Church – I was moving into a house in the nearby area the very weekend the first taster meeting started through a flier about it. I went and knew God was calling me here and into something truly amazing. And I count it as a privilege to see how God has formed The Rock Church right from a vision into what it is today, and of course what it’s going to be tomorrow! It’s something that I’d encourage everyone to come and see if you’re looking for a Church to start going to, or simply wanting to really get to grips with what being a Christian and belief in God is all about. There’s a very genuine sense of family and friendship, and a simply awesome and massive vision and passion for all kinds of areas of church life. And most importantly there is the evidence of God doing amazing spiritual things right from the miraculous and (endless) healings, to people becoming believers, to issues in people's lives being completely turned around. And the best is yet to come!
Andy Nuttall

Home at last

I come from a totally none christian background, i hated christians back in those days and everything they stood for. But through the alpha course i came to know the real living God and gave my life to serve him. i got saved into a pentecostal church that was very good for some things but wasnt for me in other ways, and unfortunately i ended up feeling resentful towards them and stopped going. I soon realised the error of my ways and tried many churches around my area; getting very frustrated as i didnt feel that God was calling me to any of them. But one day i recieved a rock church leaflet whilst shopping in Wesley Owen christian bookstore. A church in a cinema??? i gotta see that! So after a few weeks of forgetting to go lol we ended up attending the evening service during a birthday party, and we never left :-) i've finally found where God wants me to be and am helping out with kids church e.t.c... and finally feel fulfilled. Its a lovely warm inviting atmosphere and i encourage everyone to visit us. You wont be disapointed xxx

Liz Hughes

A pretty great place to be

've been at the rock church for a while now and even though I usually tend to be a little awkward and shy away i've found it's been easy for me to settle in to. It's a genuine easy atmosphere and seems to be fun for every one there. The teaching is easy to follow and has been very beneficial for me. I am more passionate for Christ and the kingdom since being here. I've found it to be a grow bag for me looking back over the short time I've been here. The guys are cool 2, they have conviction and they aren't pretending to be something they are not. This is what I love, I can just be myself and grow here! Also, the showcase cinema service is something to experience too, you get little inspiring video clips, some very comical! The worship is well rounded and open minded. I sing in the team and am so blessed by the worship. We need a bass guitarist btw - anyone?lol. But, If you're searching and in need of a home I urge you to check us out. It's the smallest church I've ever been a part of, but it's got more of God in it! which is why there's growth going on all the time. The vision here is huge and I'm blessed to be a part of it. God bless you reader!

Lee Hughes
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A pretty great place to be
've been at the rock church for a while now and even though I usually tend to be a little awkward and shy away i've found it's been easy for me to settle in to. It's a genuine easy atmosphere and s...

Lee Hughes

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